Tap Holders

Synchro Tapping

KSN / Synchro holders are designed for rigged tapping applications

  • Holders do not have length compensation on tension and compression
  • Can be used with internal coolant fed taps
  • Collet type ER is sold seperately
  • Sealing disks DS/ER

Tap Holder Selection:

  • KSN 0/Synchro:    M1 to M10  or  No.1 to No.5/16"
  • KSN 1/Synchro:    M4 to M12  or  No.8 to 1/2"
  • KSN 3/Synchro:     M4 to M20  or  No.8 to 3/4"
  • KSN 4/Synchro:     M10 to M30  or  3/8"  to 1 1/4"

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