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Performance characteristics:

  • Smooth, low-wear running due to oil bath lubrication (SAE 75 W-90, 20 cm3).
  • Safe sealing against the penetration of coolant-lubricant into the housing, by separating the axial and rotational movement of the clamping head.
  • Reduced wear on the gear change elements thanks to extremely quick changes of the direction of rotation (35 msec).
  • No axial jolts on the tap during gear changes.
  • Minimised axial forces exerted on the thread flanks of the tap.
  • Obtaining constant thread depths by exactly defined switching point.
  • Reduced safety distance to 5 mm between workpiece and tool due to short gear change path. This yields an additional reduction of cycle times.
  • Constant cutting speed ➞ Increased tool life.
  • Protection of the machine spindle by constant right-hand running.
  • As the tool spindle is not permanently accelerated or braked and the turning direction not changed, energy is saved due to almost constant power consumption.