Trochoidal Milling Program

Emuge Introduces New End Mills for Trochoidal Milling

Optimized End Mills for Trochoidal Milling Strategies

Emuge has developed new tool geometries and features to specifically meet the requirements of trochoidal machining. Trochoidal milling is a cutting strategy which involves the overlapping of a circular cutting path with a linear movement, in effect converting slot milling into contour milling. Trochoidal milling is particularly suitable for difficult to machine materials and thin walled components. The small contact angle that results reduces heat generation during machining, and less thermal stress results in higher tool life.

Emuge’s Trochoidal End Mills come in two cutting geometries: Jet-Cut for steel applications and TiNox-Cut for tough materials like Inconel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. These tools feature low vibration characteristics such as variable spacing, variable helix angles or improved micro-geometries, along with new high performance coatings and optimum carbide substrates. In addition, the newly developed chip divider reduces the axial pull-out force and minimizes the risk of chip build up in pockets, since the resulting smaller chips can be easily removed with compressed air or emulsion.

Jet-Cut and TiNox-Cut End Mills for Trochoidal Milling Highlights

  • 2xD, 3xD and 4xD lengths available
  • Special chip-breaker geometry for roughing pockets and contours
  • Specifically designed for low-vibration milling
  • Jet-Cut Trochoidal End Mills for steel applications
  • TiNox-Cut Trochoidal End Mills for Inconel, Titanium and Stainless Steel applications
  • TiNox-Cut Trochoidal End Mills feature ICA (Axial Internal Coolant supply)