Tool Holders Overview

Innovative Tool Holding Solutions for all of your Machining Needs.

Take your threading, milling, and drilling to the next level with Emuge's wide range of premium tool holders. From the best taps, thread mills, end mills and drills in the industry, to high performance, precision tool holders, Emuge offers world-class spindle-to-workpiece solutions for all of your machining needs.

Emuge's extensive line of precision tool holders include:

  • Softsynchro® Rigid tap holder with minimal length compensation
  • KSN tension-compression tap holders.
  • HF Series tap holder for large diameter threads
  • Speedsynchro® tap holder for high production applications
  • Switch Master® self-reversing tap holder
  • Precision tap extensions with and without coolant-through
  • FPC High performance chuck for carbide tools.

Each holder available in all taper configurations including BT, SK, CAT and HSK shank styles.