FPC Chucks

FPC High Precision Milling/Drilling Chucks

In partnership with Albrecht Präzision, Emuge is proud to offer a new line of high performance tool holder solutions for all of your milling and drilling needs. Our patented FPC Chucks are highly precise tool holders with mechanical clamping via worm gear which provides superior clamping force and concentricity as well as excellent shock-absorbing properties. Tools are clamped and unclamped via a collet with a hexagon wrench which operates the worm gear clamping mechanism at the side – and in just a few seconds. Tests show this is the highest performing milling holder in the industry.

FPC High Precision Milling/Drilling Chucks Highlights

  • 0.000118" runout at 3XD projection.
  • Excellent vibration dampening due to collet-holder construction.
  • Available in CAT, HSK, SK, and BT Shank configurations.
  • Available in many different gauge length
  • Clamping range from 2mm - 32mm, 1/8" to 1- 1 1/4"
  • Integrated coolant through with MQL adaptation possible.
  • Fast tool change due to collet system.
  • Each holder is balanced with G 2,5 up to 20.000 Rpm
  • Maintenance free design