Softsynchro® Tap Holder

Softsynchro® Rigid Tap Holder

Emuge's Softsynchro® Tap Holder is the best way to dramatically increase tool life in a rigid tapping environment. Through a physical separation of the tap from the spindle via patented elastomer springs, the Softsynchro® system effectively dampens excessive forces acting on the tap. This allows the tap to cut more efficiently, decreasing torque loads and increasing production. Testing shows an up to 4x increase in tool life.

Softsynchro® Highlights

  • Two-Part construction that physically separates tap from spindle, rotational and axial forces.
  • Patented elastomer springs provide dampening for excessive axial forces during the tapping process. Max 0.5mm of tension/compression.
  • 100% transfer of torque via ball bearing riding on precision ground grooves that provide minimal friction forces on the axial compensation.
  • IKZ - Coolant through standard on all Softsynchro® tap holders.
  • Wide variety of shanks available, including HSK, BT and SK, with adapters for more to cover most machine spindles.