Automotive Industry

High-Productivity Threading, Drilling, and Tool Holders for the Automotive Industry
Automotive production is all about speed and accuracy. The goal is to reduce cycle times and increase part quality. Emuge offers a full array of threading, drilling, and tool holders that help manufacturers reach maximum efficiency and productivity.

Patented designs like the SoftSynchro tap holder and now the SpeedSynchro holder are the most effective tool holding systems on the market. The cutting edge Punch Tap that can revolutionize the automotive industry with a completely new threading process.. In addition, Emuge offers the most extensive line of carbide, HSSE and PM-HSSE taps in the world with solid, coolant fed and MQL designs.

When it comes to quality and innovation, Emuge is second to none!

What's New

Punch Tap

Every once in a while, a new design comes around that can be truly called revolutionary, and the Punch Tap, developed in association with Audi AG, is one of those products. The Punch Tap was developed to significantly reduce the cycle time associated with threading aluminum castings. Emuge not only created a new type of tool for helical thread-forming but also a completely new technology for machining threads. The new process produces internal threads at a significantly reduced energy consumption and faster by approximately 75% compared to the conventional threading technology. Companies that are involved with mass production of aluminum parts are using Punch Tap to drive down production time and costs.

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The only tap holder of its kind in the world, our SPEEDSYNCHRO® features an integrated 1:4.412 transmission that allows the tap to achieve the full programmed speed. The SPEEDSYNCHRO® holder carries the patented dampening system of our Softsynhro. tap holder. Now you have a tool holder that increases tool Life up to 30, reduces cycle times up to 40%, and reduces energy costs of up to go% per tap cycle. It is the perfect tap holder for very high production environments.

  • Patented 1:4.412 transmission
  • Integrated IKZ coolant-through and adaptable MQL system
  • M1-M8, #0-5/16: tap range, with use of ER16-GB tap collets
  • Max spindle speed of 2,000 RPM for 8,824 RPM at the tap
  • No set maintenance schedules
  • Easy programming instructions
  • Exact thread depths

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PoCoSys Spark Plug Position System

The requirements for identifying the starting position for internal threads on today’s fuel-efficient automobile engines has led to the development of the Emuge PoCoSys program for the production and inspection of spark plug threads. This system enables the manual inspection of threads directly on the production line or in inspection departments with 3D measuring equipment.

The unique measuring system helps automobile engine manufacturers improve the combustion process and improve efficiency while reducing engine emissions.

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