Medical Industry

High-Reliability Threading, Drilling, and Milling Tools for the Medical Industry

Products of medical technology save lives and improve human quality of life. The expectations towards product quality and efficiency of production rise due to continual development and new technologies.

EMUGE-FRANKEN as a leading manufacturer of precision tools has placed great emphasis on this topic. A comprehensive product range is offered for the machining of medical technology products:

Specializing in Difficult to Machine Metals

EMUGE-FRANKEN has always been known in the machining world as the go-to solution for exotic alloys. With all the different materials used in medical implants and tooling, such titanium and high chromium stainless steel. We have all the tools needed for any part of your manufacturing process.

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Carbide Milling Tools

The machining of cobalt-chrome is always difficult. Minimize your post polishing process with the highest quality milling tools.

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Micro Milling Tools

To maintain the highest quality and safety standards in medical devices, special fasteners will need to be machined. With a full line of solid carbide micro tooling, down 0.2mm in diameter. Anything is possible, let us help you get there.

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Thread Milling

EMUGE's thread mills can work in a wide range or materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and many other alloys. Thread milling provides the highest quality thread and prevents scrapping your part on the last process of machining

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