Oil & Gas Industry

Secure, High-Productivity Threading for the Oil & Gas Industry
Emuge threading solutions are available in UNC, 8 UN, 12 UNF, NPT • API LP, Acme & Stub Acme thread profiles in sizes ranging from the gigantic to the microscopic.

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Full Thread Form Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Emuge has introduced a new generation high performance thread mill program in a class of its own – ideal for valve components, frack pumps and more. Tools feature a unique left hand spiral flute design, increased flute count, core diameter and multilayered TiALN-T46 coating, resulting in reduced vibration, cycle time and tool wear, combined with higher feed rates and improved thread quality.

  • Innovative flute geometry provides stable, chatter-free cutting
  • Increased number of flutes for higher feed rate and reduced cycle times
  • Increased core diameter for improved radial stiffness and stability
  • Precision ground for high repeatability

Insert Thread Milling System

Rigidity, security and precision are key benefits of the new Emuge indexable insert thread milling program that includes a full range of tool bodies and inserts for vibration-free machining of large threads. Deep access and large thread capability are ideal for subsea components and more. Inserts have 4 useable cutting edges for long tool life and maximum cutting efficiency.

  • Inserts have 4 useable cutting edges for exceptional tool life and fast edge indexing
  • For easy machining of all difficult materials the inserts are made of select micro-grain carbide and offered with either TiN or TiALN coatings
  • Precision ground for high repeatability

Miniature Single Point Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Miniature size thread mills provide a high-quality and dependable threading solution for a variety of difficult materials. The new expanded sizes provide manufacturers a ready tooling solution which allows for quick adaptation to a variety of threading requirements, in a wide range of materials.

  • Easy machining of difficult materials
  • One tool for through and blind holes
  • Pitch diameter can be easily controlled
  • Full bottom threading to within 1 pitch
  • STI threads can be easily produced
  • Produces excellent thread finish and gaging
  • In addition, Threads-All tools provide total control over pitch diameter limits including 2B • 3B and all oversize variants
  • External coolant only