ANNOUNCING! The Brand New Z-Tap Line from Emuge

Z Taps for Stainless Steel

No tap is better engineered for the economical and efficient tapping of alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, and cast steels <=35Rc

  • Designed with advanced chamfer geometry, rake and flute form, and newly developed multi-layer coating, which produces a consistent controllable chip formation that is released smoothly for fast and efficient chip removal. 
  • With the latest in coating technology, Emuge GLT-1, which is a multi-layer coating that is uniquely structured with advanced heat resistance characteristics, along with an outer anti-friction layer, which synergistically combine to produce exceptional wear resistance and sliding properties, which improve tool life, reduces torque, optimizes  chip evacuation and produces superior thread finish.
  • With increased number of flutes and shortened thread section to reduce friction and lower cutting torque, which reduces the chances of tap breakage and allows for higher cutting speed.For thread lengths up to 3xD, Z-Taps cab be used for, both, through and blind hole applications, with two chamfer designs for blind holes.

- Full bottoming (1.5-2 threads) and Modified Bottoming (2-3 threads) -

- Z-Taps are also DIN length with ANSI shank designs for hard-to-reach tapping and improved chip clearance -


Ideally suited for CNC machines with synchronous spindle and when emulsion coolant is the preferred lubricant, which can be applied externally or internally.

For ultimate tool life, Emuge recommends using the patented Softsynchro tap holder design. This revolutionary holder design extends tool life dramatically while improving thread quality.
  • Designed with patented minimal length compensation system, for optimization of synchronous tapping cycle on CNC machines

  • Compensates for lead deviations in the micron range both radially and axially, especially at higher cutting speeds

  • Considerably reduces the pressure forces that act negatively on the tap flank surfaces

  • Improves tool life due to more balanced cutting forces and less friction

  • Improves surface quality on the finished thread flanks

  • Improves process reliability and consistency due to less wear and tear on the taps cutting teeth.

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