Emuge Introduces the SPEEDSYNCHRO® Tool Holder for High Production Tapping

We Have introduced a new, unique tool holding solution - SPEEDSYNCHRO.  The Emuge SPEEDSYNCHRO tool holder features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles. The integrated transmission is combined with Softsynchro minimum-length compensation to efficiently work with high cutting speeds and a relatively low synchronous machine tool speed, compensating for synchronization errors during the threading process.  The results are significant time and money savings, particularly in high production tapping operations.

The new tool holder offers easy programming and up to 40% time savings due to significantly shortened thread production cycles resulting from the combined fast acceleration and cutting speeds facilitated by the integrated transmission.  The time savings substantially increases the number of tapped holes achieved in a given operation and is especially effective in high production tapping.  Tool life and thread surface quality are both optimized.

Exact thread depths can be achieved with SPEEDSYNCHRO as it does not reverse the direction of rotation.  Emuge SPEEDSYNCHRO Tool Holder supports a maximum spindle speed of 2,000 RPM  and a maximum tapping speed of 8,824 RPM.  Cutting range is from M1 - M8 and an ER16 tool holder size is offered.  Internal coolant capability is provided.