Emuge Introduces The World's First Full Series Of Application-Specific Cold-Forming Taps.

WEST BOYLSTON, MA USA. (www.emuge.com) Emuge Corp. announced the introduction of a comprehensive series of Cold-forming Taps that are specially designed for threading specific materials. Featuring unique geometric designs, coatings, and styles, Emuge "InnoForm" Taps provide a highly efficient solution for the chip-less production of internal threads in a wide range of specific applications.

Cold Forming Taps

"Building off our years of experience in engineering application-specific solutions for cutting taps, we have now successfully developed an extensive line of material-specific cold-forming taps. InnoForm has considerably broadened performance-enhancing threading options for machinists" said Mr. Alan Shepherd, Technical Director at Emuge.

InnoForm Taps are offered in a wide selection of designs. Their polygon shape and various forming wedges are specifically designed to produce the effective thread profile for the unique properties of the work piece material. As a result, InnoForm Taps are able to easily form threads that in various situations cannot be efficiently machined with cutting taps.

Thirty different tap designs, including various shapes are available to thread seven different material groups including regular steel, soft steels, hardened steels, wrought aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals, cast aluminum, stainless steels, and materials with restricted ductile properties.

Benefits of InnoForm Taps include:

Increased Tool Life

Excellent surface quality that produces a smooth, burnished thread.

Increased static and dynamic strength of the thread, due to cold-forming compression process that preserves material grain integrity.

The length of the thread is not restricted by chip removal requirements, which provides extremely high process safety.

Prevention of flank angle errors which are common in cut threads.



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