Emuge Videos

FRANKEN Jet-Cut 60 for High Speed Milling

The Jet-Cut series was uniquely developed for high-performance cutting (HPC) and high-speed cutting (HSC) applications. - 50˚ high helix flutes with vibration dampening variable flute spacing - Enlarged chip gash end geometry - PVD applied high-performance TIAlN coating - Radial chip forming geometry

EMUGE-FRANKEN FPC Milling/Drilling Chuck Assembly

We've shared a few pro tips on assembling and disassembling our high precision/performance FPC Mill / Drill Chucks.

EMUGE-FRANKEN TiNox-Cut/ Base Series for Stainless Steel

The TiNox-Cut / Base series was specially developed for machining stainless steel. Unique flute design combined with tightly controlled cutting edge profile for stainless steel alloys which require higher shearing characteristics. With a proprietary PVD heat resistant coating, the Base series has been proven to be successful in even dry machining applications.