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EMUGE FPC Tool Holding System. Increase machining speed and tool life to the highest possible levels

Emuge high precision/performance FPC Mill / Drill Chucks provide unprecedented rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed, and tool life vs. conventional chuck technologies for milling and drilling applications. Available in a wide range of styles. Internal or peripheral coolant options, and MQL-adaptable

How to Assemble/Disassemble a Softsynchro Tap Holder

Emuge recognized the industry shift to synchronized tapping in the early 90’s and developed the first tap holder for this environment. Composed of a two-part construction that physically separates the tap from the spindle via PATENTED ELASTOMER SPRINGS, the Emuge Softsynchro® holder provides minimum tap length compensation that is necessary for exceptional tool life. Emuge offers an extensive line of high performance tool holder solutions for a full range of applications.

EMUGE-FRANKEN FPC Milling/Drilling Chuck Assembly

We've shared a few pro tips on assembling and disassembling our high precision/performance FPC Mill / Drill Chucks.

Softsynchro QuickLock

The patented Softsynchro® tap holder with minimal length compensation technology is now available with a quick-change option for easy tool changing in or outside of the machine.

Emuge Dynamic 1.5 xD Power Cutting Test

We are making test cuts using Emuge's Jet Cut 3/8" diameter end mill cutting at 1.5X D depth (.512" deep) in 4140 Pre Hardened steel on a Haas DM2 milling center. We are cutting 5 areas that are X dim 3.0" x Y dim .625". The tool path is Mastercam Dynamic Peel mill and the CNC machine is a Haas DM2. We are increasing the width of cut of each area along with adjusting the SFM and chip load. After each cut we captured several chips and viewed them under a microscope to analyze the color and shape.

EMUGE Circle Segment & Trochoidal Milling Strategies

A demonstration of EMUGE end mills in P20 tool steel using traditional and updated milling strategies. Finishing a surface with a standard ball end mill strategy and the new EMUGE Circle Segment strategy, showing a 90% cycle time decrease with an improved finish. Roughing a pocket with the standard Multi-Cut roughing strategy & a new Jet-Cut Trochoidal strategy with chip breaker. The Jet-Cut Trochoidal is used to finish both pockets. Roughing a pocket with a Top-Cut VAR with & without radial chip thinning.

Speedsynchro Model Cutaway

The inner workings of a Speedsynchro unit are shown in detail.