Emuge Videos

How to Assemble/Disassemble a Softsynchro Tap Holder

Emuge recognized the industry shift to synchronized tapping in the early 90’s and developed the first tap holder for this environment. Composed of a two-part construction that physically separates the tap from the spindle via PATENTED ELASTOMER SPRINGS, the Emuge Softsynchro® holder provides minimum tap length compensation that is necessary for exceptional tool life. Emuge offers an extensive line of high performance tool holder solutions for a full range of applications.

Punch Tap - The new thread technology

When comparing the tool path of the EMUGE Punch Tap with the tool path of conventional taps or cold-forming taps, it shows that the path is approximately 15 times shorter for a thread M6 with a depth of thread of 15 mm. The result is a significant time savings up to 75% in a threading cycle.

Roll Form Tapping Process

Instructional animation showing how the thread forming process works. The video demonstrates how material is displaced rather than cut and the slight “fish mouth” that is formed at the crest of each thread. Formed threads are stronger than cut threads and the tapping time is less.