Emuge Videos

TOP-Cut VAR Demonstration

The Top-Cut VAR is a variable helix carbide end mill designed to be used in a wide range of materials and cutting strategies. This video shows a ½” diameter Top-Cut VAR milling at full depth in 4140 material using a trochoidal milling strategy and then a finishing pass. The Top-Cut VAR is the most economical milling solution for today’s high paced manufacturing environment.

Roll Form Tapping Process

Instructional animation showing how the thread forming process works. The video demonstrates how material is displaced rather than cut and the slight “fish mouth” that is formed at the crest of each thread. Formed threads are stronger than cut threads and the tapping time is less.

High Performance Machining in 32RC Steel from http://vi

High Performance Machining in 32RC Steel

This presentation demonstrates all dry machining in 32RC steel. Watch eight pocketing and slotting techniques including milling at 1030 SFM, 961 IPM and MQL tapping at 65 SFM.

Versatile Machining in 32 RC Steel from http://vimeo.co

Versatile Machining in 32 RC Steel

800 IPM dry machining in 32 RC Steel. No problem! HPC and HSC with one tool. Can do! Watch this video to discover the performance and versatility of Emuge End Mill and Thread Mill technologies.