Carbide Torus Nose - 5 X Reach

Solid carbide micro tools work in a wide range of applications.

  • Special tapered neck geometry for maximum strength and stability even when used in deep applications
  • ALCR coating provides a smooth and hard cutting edge for the best possible tool life
  • Hardened steel up to 55 Rc
  • 5 x diameter reach
  • 2 flute design
  • Torus nose cutting edge
  • High precision corner radius
  • Shank tolerance h5
  • 30° cutting edge helix angle
  • 2781L series is stub length
  • 2784L series is long length
  • 2787L series is extra long length


Carbide Torus Nose - 5 X Reach
Part Number Description Stock
2781L.0005 0.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD -Stub-Torus  
2781L.001 1.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD -Stub-Torus
2781L.0015 1.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD -Stub-Torus
2781L.002 2.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD -Stub-Torus
2784L.0005 0.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD - Long- Torus  
2784L.001 1.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD - Long- Torus
2784L.0015 1.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD - Long- Torus  
2784L.002 2.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD - Long- Torus  
2787L.0005 0.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD- X-Lgth-Torus  
2787L.001 1.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD- X-Lgth-Torus
2787L.0015 1.5mm-End Mill - Micro -5xD- X-Lgth-Torus  
2787L.002 2.0 mm-End Mill -Micro -5xD- X-Lgth-Torus