Punch Drill

Aluminum Alloys

The Fastest Drill Yet!

Time savings of 50% or more is within reach with the new EMUGE Punch Drill. Suitable for machining cast aluminum alloys with at least 7% Si content, the EMUGE PunchDrill is available in drilling depth ranges up to approximately 8 x D, the nominal diameter range from 0.129" to 0.472" (3.3 mm to 12 mm). Machining is carried out with a normal drilling cycle on CNC machines, cutting speeds and coolant pressures are analogous to conventional drilling.

An innovative chip breaker helps to keep the chip short and to control the machining forces. Newly developed surface treatments and a hard coating specially designed for this application enable reliable chip removal and increase process reliability. When the high-feed tool is used with the feed of the series tool, the axial force is halved. The increase of the feed at the same rotational speed results in a significant reduction of main machining times and machine capacities are saved. The reduced power consumption of the machine also supports sustainability.

In short: The advantages of the tool are shorter machining times, fewer tool changes, and a high metal removal rate. Higher productivity and saved resources are positive results. Despite the higher feed rate, the tool life is comparable to conventional drilling tools. The high self-centering capability of the drill tip enables the best possible positioning accuracy on the holes.  The EMUGE PunchDrill is also available as a step tool. A product extension for pre-cast holes is already planned.

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