Cold Air Nozzle

Cooled air reduces temperatures in the cutting area, which in turn permits
higher cutting speeds and longer tool life. This type of cooling enables modern
coatings to achieve their full potential, as damage to the cutting edge
resulting from thermal shock is avoided.
Moreover, the cold-air nozzle helps to remove the tiny chips produced in copy
milling even from deep recesses or cavities.
The function of the cold-air nozzle is based on the principle of the vortex tube,
in which two opposed, rotating air streams are generated (without any moving
parts). The internal air stream exits from one end, in the form of useable cold
air with a temperature as low as -40 °C. All that is required is a normal
pressurized air connection.

Cold Air Nozzle
Part Number Description Stock
6910.11 Cold-Air Nozzle Assembly Set #1 w/accessories
6910.15 Cold-Air Nozzle w/Hose & Fitting
6910.20 Cold-Air Nozzle Spare Hose 300 mm  
6910.21 Cold-Air Nozzle Spare Hose 500 mm
6910.22 Cold-Air Nozzle Spare Hose 400 mm  
6910.24 Cold-Air Nozzle Socket with Base
6910.25 Cold-Air Nozzle Socket with Magnetic Base