Composite Materials

EMUGE-FRANKEN offers all the tools needed to successfully machine carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP), and aramid fiber reinforced plastics (AFRP). The tools are broken into 3 main categories

Flute Direction - to maintain surface quality where it matters most

  • Right-hand flutes have an pulling axial cutting direction going up towards the machine's spindle.
  • Left-hand flutes have an pushing axial cutting direction going down away from the spindle
  • Straight flutes offer a neutral cutting force

Tooth profile - to offer maximum material removal rates and surface quality

  • Coarse - For thicker materials
  • Medium - For thinner materials
  • Fine - For thinner materials
  • Smooth - Universal applications

End type

  • Square - Offers the highest radial cutting edge length
  • Chamfered - Relieves some of the stress that happens at the corners in square mills
  • Ball nose - Universal milling tool. Can cut on all sides
  • Drill Point - Used when a plunging operation is necessary

Cold air nozzle units available for dry machining

Fiber-Cut Products