Duplex Geometry / X-Length

Jet-Cut / Duplex style carbide end mills are designed with unique corner radius construction for 2D & 3D CAM software milling.

  • Axial coolant fed design for maximum chip evacuation rates
  • Vibration dampening variable flute spacing
  • Aggressive 50˚ helix angle
  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances on cutting diameter
  • TIALN coated for heat and wear resistance.
  • HB / Weldon flat options available
  • Suitable for steel, cast iron, aluminum and hard materials
  • Extra length for deep applications

Duplex Geometry / X-Length
Part Number Description Stock
2612AZ.008 8mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex - X-Lgth - ICA
2612AZ.010 10mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex - X-Lgth - ICA  
2612AZ.012 12mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex - X-Lgth - ICA
2612AZ.016 16mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex - X-Lgth - ICA    
2613AZ.008 8mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex-XLgth-ICA-HB
2613AZ.010 10mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex-XLgth-ICA-HB
2613AZ.012 12mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex-XLgth-ICA-HB
2613AZ.016 16mm-End Mill - Jet-Cut -Duplex-XLgth-ICA-HB