CBN Torus / 3.0 x Diameter

Micro tools with a CBN substrate are used in milling hard materials up to 66 HRC. For high speed cutting of 2D and 3D countours with high surface quality.

  • Extremely wear resistant cutting substrate
  • Shank diameter tolerance h4
  • Stable cutting edge design
  • Multiple neck lengths available
  • Various corner radii for each cutting diameter

CBN Torus / 3.0 x Diameter
Part Number Description Stock
2639.040030 0.4mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R .03-3xD -CBN  
2639.040050 0.4mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R .05-3xD -CBN  
2639.040100 0.4mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.1-3xD -CBN  
2639.050050 0.5mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.05-3xD -CBN  
2639.050100 0.5mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.1-3xD -CBN  
2639.100030 1.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.03-3xD -CBN  
2639.100100 1.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.1-3xD -CBN  
2639.100200 1.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.2-3xD -CBN  
2639.100500 1.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.05-3xD -CBN    
2639.150100 1.5mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.1-3xD -CBN  
2639.150200 1.5mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.2-3xD -CBN  
2639.150300 1.5mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.3-3xD -CBN  
2639.200100 2.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.1-3xD -CBN  
2639.200200 2.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.2-3xD -CBN  
2639.200300 2.0 mm-End Mill- Micro -Torus-R 0.3-3xD -CBN