HP Roughing

Multi-Cut end mills are specifically designed for high-performance roughing operations. Due to variable spacing of flutes combined with the NR roughing profile vibrations, cutting forces are minimized and metal removal rates are maximized.

  • Vibration dampening variable flute spacing
  • 45˚ high helix flute design
  • Stabilizing cutting edge geometry
  • PVD applied TIAlN heat and wear resistant coating

DUPLEX Geometry:
Tools with a DUPLEX geometry are specially designed for high feed milling. The term DUPLEX comes from the Latin word meaning as much as "double" or "two-fold". DUPLEX end mills make it possible to do pocket milling and slot milling (2D) as well as complex 3D operations like copy or high-feed milling with one tool. The DUPLEX geometry is a ground double-radius geometry (DUPLEX geometry) which permits the highest feed rates with maximum axial depth-of-cut values.

Multi-Cut Products