Aerospace Materials

The TiNox-Cut series was especially developed for machining titanium alloys (Type N), nickel base alloys (Type NF) and stainless steel (Base style). This product range consists of sub-micro grain carbide end mills combined with specialized PVD coatings for high temperature applications. Coolant fed options are available as standard product for the most demanding applications. Long finisher profile styles with a flute length/diameter ratio of max. 4:1 are available for finishing of difficult to cut aerospace materials.


  • Variable flute spacing
  • High heat-resistant, PVD applied multi-layer TIN/TIALN coating
  • Roughing and semi-finishing and finishing profiles are available
  • Tool shanks are held to h6 tolerance and have a roughened surface (non-polished) for greater gripping force
  • Reduced neck design behind the cutting flute area
  • Optimized geometry for long chipping, tough materials
  • Axial coolant hole designs are available

TiNox-Cut Products