Base - Stainless Steel

The TiNox-Cut / Base series was especially developed for machining stainless steel. Unique flute design combined with tightly controlled cutting edge profile for stainless steel alloys which require higher shearing characteristics. With a proprietary PVD heat resistant coating, the Base series has been proven to be successful in even dry machining applications.

  • Vibration dampening with variable flute spacing
  • Aggressive 35/37˚ variable helix angles
  • Heat and wear resistant multi-layer TIN/TiAlN - PVD applied coating
  • External coolant is recommended but can be applied in dry machining applications
  • Finishing flute profile for optimum performance
  • Tool shanks are held to h6 tolerance
  • High precision tool holders such as FPC or shrink fit are recommended for optimum performance

Click here to see the TiNox-Cut / Base in action:

Base - Stainless Steel
Part Number Description Stock
2975T.0125 1/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.01875 3/16" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.0250 1/4" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.03125 5/16" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.0375 3/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.0500 1/2" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.0625 5/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2975T.0750 3/4" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HA
2976T.0500 1/2" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HB
2976T.0625 5/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HB
2976T.0750 3/4" TiNox-Cut Base, Stub, HB
2977T.0125 1/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.01875 3/16" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.0250 1/4" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.03125 5/16" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.0375 3/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.0500 1/2" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.0625 5/8" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2977T.0750 3/4" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HA
2978T.0500 1/2" TiNox-Cut Base, Standard, HB