Type NF - Inconel

The TiNox-Cut NF series was especially developed for machining nickel based alloys and aerospace materials. The NF style is a semi-roughing profile end mill that provides maximum chip space with a 4 flute design. The cutting edge rake face and edge preparation is fine tuned for the challenges of milling nickel based alloys. Available in solid and coolant fed designs.

  • Vibration dampening with variable flute spacing
  • Aggressive 45˚ helix angle
  • Heat and wear resistant multi-layer TIN/TiAlN - PVD applied coating
  • Semi-finishing roughing flute profile for optimum performance
  • Tool shanks are held to h6 tolerance and have a roughened surface (non-polished) for greater gripping force
  • HB / Weldon flats available
  • High precision tool holders such as FPC holders or shrink fit designs are recommend for optimum performance

Type NF - Inconel
Part Number Description Stock
2958T.0250 1/4"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.03125 5/16"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.0375 3/8"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.0500 1/2"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.0625 5/8"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.0750 3/4"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2958T.1000 1"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher
2959T.0500 1/2"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher HB
2959T.0625 5/8"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher HB
2959T.0750 3/4"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher HB
2959T.1000 1"- End Mill -TiNox-Cut - Rougher HB