Self-Lock™  plug gages G-GR-LD are designed to inspect the pitch diameter and functional thread for internal-thread components. There is no generally applicable standard (e.g. DIN standard) for Emuge Self-Lock thread, so manufacturers may use different limit sizes for threads. For this reason, it is recommended when gaging Emuge Self-Lock threads that one uses exclusively gages with Emuge Self-Lock thread gages.  All plug gages are available with Certificate of Accuracy documentation.

  • Gage dimensions according to Emuge standards
  • Short form certificate is supplied at no additional charge
  • Long form certificate is available on request
  • Manufactured with hardened tool steel for durability
  • A cleansing channel is ground into the GO side to eliminate thread damage from dirt and grime on sizes above 1/4" or M 5.5
  • Gages have a recessed minor thread diameter for safe functionality
  • Knurled handle for maximum gripping ability and safety
  • NO-GO side is clearly marked with a Red ring
  • Gage handles have a double surface for marking leaving ample space for custom marking
  • Reduced thread start diameter construction for easy insertion

Self-Lock™ Products