Self-Lock plug gages G-GR-LD are designed to inspect the pitch diameter and functional thread for internal-thread components. All plug gages are available with Certificate of Accuracy documentation.

  • Thread gages are for Emuge standard Self-Lock thread forms only
  • Manufactured with hardened tool steel for durability
  • A cleansing channel is ground into the GO side to eliminate thread damage from dirt and grime
  • Gages have a recessed minor thread diameter for safe functionality
  • Knurled handle for maximum gripping ability and safety
  • NO-GO side is clearly marked with a Red ring
  • Gage handles have a double surface for marking leaving ample space for custom marking
  • Reduced thread start diameter construction for easy insertion

Part Number Description Stock
L0100100.1046 LK M3 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1048 LK M4 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1050 LK M5 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1052 LK M6 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1054 LK M8 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1056 LK M10 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1058 LK M12 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1059 LK M14 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1060 LK M16 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1062 LK M20 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go
L0100100.1064 LK M24 - BT - Gage - Go/No-Go  
L0100100.1132 G-Gr-LD-LK-M 10x1 BT Self-Lock    
L0100100.1139 GmG-Gr-LD-LK-M 14x1.5 BT Self-Lock    
L0100100.1159 GmG-Gr-LD-LK-M 27x2 BT Self-Lock