Precision Workholding


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Gear wheel honing is a cutting production process with geometrically undefined cutting edge for the final fine machining of hardened gear wheels. Besides the high efficiency honed gear wheels show a low-noise surface structure. As opposed to grinding, gear honing works with low cutting speeds (0,5 – 10 m/s) so that a thermic damage of the machined gear wheels can be excluded. Pressure residual stresses are induced into the machined tooth flanks and work out positively onto the component’s carrying capacity.

Flanged Mandrel System SG Features:

  • Outer diameter: 170 mm
  • Length: 185 mm
  • Required compressive force: ca./about 5 kN
  • Max. transferable torque: ca./about 100 Nm
  • Clamping diameter: 46 +0,016 mm
  • Unclamping diameter: 45,85 mm