Circle Segment Cutters

Taper Form >45° Tilt Angle

Solid Carbide Circle Segment end mills with Taper Form B that can simulate a 50 to 1,000 mm radius cutter

  • Low vibration machining
  • Flute form tolerance = ±0.01 mm
  • Suitable for all most all materials
  • ALCR multi-layer PVD coating for heat and wear resistance
  • Form B: allows more than 45° tilt angle for flat areas
  • Also available in Form A: allows up to 45° tilt angles

Taper Form >45° Tilt Angle
Part Number Description Stock
3540L.10200A 10 mm - End Mill- 60° Taper Form B- R1/200/1.5
3540L.10200B 10 mm - End Mill- 70° Taper Form B -R1/200/2
3541L.10200A 10 mm -End Mill - 60° Taper Form B -R2/200/1.5
3541L.10200B 10 mm -End Mill - 70° Taper Form B -R2/200/2