Aerospace Alloys

For tough materials with high tensile strength

Aircraft engine producers have specific threading needs that standard tap designs do not effectively address. Simple through hole threading is an issue and tap breakage can be very costly. Emuge was tasked with developing a solution for this specific need and hence the AERO-Tap was developed. The AERO-Tap has a negative rake angle value which gives a very strong cutting edge. This is extremely efficient in tough materials with high tensile strength. This tailored rake angle produces a safe tapping process in difficult nickel based alloy threading.


  • Premium high vanadium HSSE material
  • Manufactured to produce a 3BX class of fit thread tolerance
  • NT – Nitride surface treatment increases the outer hardness of the base material (1,000-1,250 HV) to help increase wear resistance
  • No. 4 to 3/8" threads sizes have a reinforced shank
  • 7/16" to 3/4" thread sizes have a reduced shank

AERO Taps Products