Coolant Fed - Blind Hole

Slow Spiral - Metric

Rekord D-Z tap is a slow spiral design for blind holes, especially automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines. Designed with internal coolant supply, this tap type will help to solve chip problems on CNC machines.

  • Metric (M) & Metric Fine (MF) thread options
  • IKZ - axial coolant hole design
  • 15˚ slow helix angle flute

  • Form C (2-3 P) chamfer length
  • TIN coated for additional tool life
  • 6H class of fit tolerance
  • DIN / DIN standard dimensions on overall length and shank size

Slow Spiral - Metric
Part Number Description Stock
B0963701.0050 M 5 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
B0963701.0060 M 6 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
B0963701.0080 M 8 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
B0963701.0100 M 10 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0112 M 12 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0114 M 14 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant    
C0963701.0116 M 16 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0118 M 18 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0120 M 20 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0122 M 22 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0124 M 24 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0127 M 27 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0130 M 30 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0133 M 33 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0136 M 36 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0142 M 42 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0145 M 45 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant  
C0963701.0251 M 8 x 1 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0276 M 10 x 1 -Tap - Z -Slow Helix -Coolant
C0963701.0277 M 10x1.25 -Tap -Z -Slow Helix -Coolant