Coolant Fed - Through Hole

Cast Aluminum - Metric

Rekord A-GAL/E is a straight flute design best suited for short chipping cast aluminum material grades.

  • IKZN - radial coolant hole or IKZ - axial hole designs
  • For through hole applications
  • TICN coated for additional tool life
  • Form E (1.5-2 P) chamfer length
  • 6H class of fit tolerance
  • DIN / DIN standard dimensions for overall length and shank size

Cast Aluminum - Metric
Part Number Description Stock
B0989501.0050 M 5 - Tap - AL Cast-Slow Helix-Coolant  
B0989501.0060 M 6 - Tap - AL Cast-Slow Helix-Coolant
B0989501.0080 M 8 - Tap - AL Cast-Slow Helix-Coolant  
B0989501.0100 M 10 -Tap-AL Cast-Slow Helix-Coolant  
B1099501.0050 M 5 -Tap-Rekord-A GAL/E -Cast Al  
B1099501.0060 M 6 -Tap-Rekord-A GAL/E -Cast Al  
B1099501.0080 M 8 -Tap-Rekord-A GAL/E -Cast Al  
B1099501.0100 M 10 -Tap-Rekord-A GAL/E -Cast Al