Coolant Fed - Through Hole

REKORD B-Z - Metric

Rekord B-Z design is typically for through hole applications in long-chipping materials such as stainless steel, steel and aluminum alloys.

  • Metric (M) & Metric Fine (MF) thread options
  • IKZN - radial coolant hole design
  • Spiral point creates tight curled chips that are pushed ahead of the tap
  • Z designation for CNC-controlled machines
  • Form B (4-5 P) chamfer length
  • TIN-70 coated for additional tool life
  • HSSE-PM (Powder Metal) offers increased tool life
  • DIN / DIN standard dimensions for overall length and shank size

REKORD B-Z - Metric
Part Number Description Stock
B1088F01.0050 M 5 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM -IKZN -TIN-70  
B1088F01.0060 M 6 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM -IKZN -TIN-70
B1088F01.0080 M 8 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM -IKZN -TIN-70
B1088F01.0100 M 10 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM -IKZN -TIN-70  
C1088F01.0112 M 12 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN  
C1088F01.0114 M 14 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0116 M 16 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN
C1088F01.0118 M 18 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0120 M 20 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN  
C1088F01.0122 M 22 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0124 M 24 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN  
C1088F01.0251 M 8x1 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0276 M 10x1 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0277 M 10x1.25 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN
C1088F01.0301 M 12x1 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0302 M 12x1.25 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0303 M 12x1.5 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0331 M 14x1.5 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN    
C1088F01.0359 M 16x1.5 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN  
C1088F01.0390 M 18x1.5 -Tap -Rekord B-Z -PM - IKZN