Form Taps

Various Styles

The Druck S style of roll form tap is designed to work in a wide range of materials and is not material specific. Depending on the workpiece material, the essential advantages of the cold-forming of threads are not only excellent surface quality but also higher static and dynamic strength of the thread. The length of the thread to be produced is not limited by chips which must be removed. The tools feature an excellent stability, especially with small thread sizes. All ductile materials can be cold-formed. Sufficient lubrication is essential. We generally recommend using oil grooves for through hole threads and horizontal machining (exception: very short through hole threads (i.e. sheet metal components). Sometimes, it is necessary to adjust the recommended drill diameter to the workpiece conditions.


  • Roll form tap for the chipless production of internal threads
  • With and without lubrication grooves
  • Available with various PVD applied surface coatings for additional tool life
  • Lead taper form E (1.5-2 threads)
  • Lead taper form C (2-3 threads)
  • Lead taper form D (4-5 threads)
  • For blind hole and through hole threads


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