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InnoForm Taps

EMUGE is the first threading tool manufacturer worldwide to introduce a program of roll form taps specially designed for the machining of specific materials or material groups. Emuge has designed a complete line of roll form taps especially for the special properties of single materials and material groups, sometimes increasing performance in a dramatic way. Conventional roll form taps were made for the use in all ductile materials: potential performance features in defined applications were simply wasted in the process. EMUGE has made extensive investigations into the mechanisms of cold forming for years, and developed an entirely new tool generation from the results. In order to highlight the uniqueness of this highly innovative program of roll form taps, we have thought of a new name: InnoForm


  • Roll form tap for the chipless production of internal threads
  • Powdered metal HSSE-PM substrate for added wear resistance
  • Lead taper form E (1.5-2 threads)
  • Lead taper form C (2-3 threads)
  • Lead taper form D (4-5 threads)
  • For blind hole and through hole threads


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