Form Taps - Coolant Fed

Various Styles

The thread forming process requires proper application of coolant to reduce friction and alleviate heat build-up. Coolant fed from taps direct the coolant flow to the thread forming zone to provide the optimum thread forming process. The addition of the proper PVD surface treatment will also aid in material flow and reduce surface friction.

Coolant Delivery Options

  • IKZ - Internal coolant supply, axial (DIN designation: KA). The axial exit of coolant-lubricant provides optimum cooling and lubrication in the lead taper area for blind hole applications..
  • IKZN - Internal coolant supply, axial, with coolant exiting in the flutes (DIN designation: KR). Radial exit of coolant-lubricant is the safest solution for providing coolant supply in the lead taper area even in through holes.

Form Taps - Coolant Fed Products