Form Taps - Coolant Fed

Cast Aluminum - E - UNC/UNF

Cast aluminum materials exert a very strong abrasive stress on the forming lobes of a cold-forming tap during work. In addition, the ductile properties of these rather brittle materials must be regarded as relatively poor. In order to achieve easier thread production and better wear resistance even under these bad conditions, InnoForm GAL/E has a specially adjusted geometry and an additional hard surface coating.

  • IKZ - axial coolant hole design
  • Lubrication grooves
  • Form E chamfer length (1.5-2 P)
  • TICN coated for wear resistance and added tool life
  • 2BX class of fit tolerance
  • DIN / ANSI taps made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks- DIN length for extra reach and ANSI shanks

Cast Aluminum - E - UNC/UNF
Part Number Description Stock
BU44Q200.5007 #10-24 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5009 1/4-20 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5010 5/16-18 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5011 3/8-16 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ    
BU44Q200.5041 #10-32 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5043 1/4-28 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5044 5/16-24 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
BU44Q200.5045 3/8-24 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
CU44Q200.5012 7/16-14 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
CU44Q200.5013 1/2-13 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
CU44Q200.5015 5/8-11 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ    
CU44Q200.5016 3/4-10 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ    
CU44Q200.5046 7/16-20 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
CU44Q200.5047 1/2-20 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ
CU44Q200.5048 9/16-18 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ    
CU44Q200.5049 5/8-18 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ    
CU44Q200.5050 3/4-16 -Tap-InnoForm Cast Al/E -TICN -IKZ