Form Taps - Coolant Fed

Universal - Metric

The InnoForm Z roll form tap is designed for specific applications and materials. This high performance design of InnoForm Z works well in a wide range of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. 

  • Metric (M) & Metric Fine (MF) thread options
  • IKZ - axial coolant hole deisgn
  • Lubrication grooves
  • Z designates a tap design for CNC controlled machines with synchronous feed control
  • TIN-80 - specialized titanium nitride coating for additional tool life
  • Form C chamfer length (2-3 P)
  • Form E chamfer length (1.5-2 P)
  • 6HX class of fit tolerances
  • DIN / DIN standard dimensions for overall length and shank size

Universal - Metric
Part Number Description Stock
B523Z700.0040 M 4-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B523Z700.0050 M 5-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B523Z700.0060 M 6-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B523Z700.0080 M 8-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B523Z700.0100 M 10-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B523Z700.0251 M 8x1-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80  
B523Z700.0276 M 10x1-InnoForm1-Z-SN-IKZ-PM-TIN-80  
B531Z700.0040 M 4 -InnoForm -Z/E-IKZ-PM-TIN-80  
B531Z700.0050 M 5 -InnoForm -Z/E-IKZ-PM-TIN-80  
B531Z700.0060 M 6 -InnoForm -Z/E-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B531Z700.0080 M 8 -InnoForm -Z/E-IKZ-PM-TIN-80
B531Z700.0100 M 10 -InnoForm -Z/E-IKZ-PM-TIN-80  
C523Z700.0112 M 12- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ
C523Z700.0114 M 14- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80
C523Z700.0116 M 16- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ
C523Z700.0120 M 20- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ  
C523Z700.0303 M 12x1.5- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ  
C523Z700.0331 M 14x1.5- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ  
C523Z700.0359 M 16x1.5- Tap -InnoForm Z -PM-TIN-80-IKZ  
C531Z700.0112 M 12 - Tap - InnoForm Z/E - Coolant - TIN-80