Form Taps


The Druck Z roll form tap is a universal design for the chipless production of internal threads, blind and though hole.

  • Lubrication grooves
  • TIN-T1 coating special multi-layer coatings helps to achieve considerable tool life increases
  • Form C (2-3 P) chamfer length
  • 2BX class of fit tolerances
  • DIN / ANSI taps made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks- DIN length for extra reach and ANSI shanks

Part Number Description Stock
BU92F000.5003 #4-40 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5004 #5-40 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5005 #6-32 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5006 #8-32 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5007 #10-24 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5009 1/4-20 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5010 5/16-18 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5011 3/8-16 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5041 #10-32 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5043 1/4-28 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5044 5/16-24 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
BU92F000.5045 3/8-24 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5012 7/16-14 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5013 1/2-13 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5014 9/16-12 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5015 5/8-11 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5016 3/4-10 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5046 7/16-20 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5047 1/2-20 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1
CU92F000.5048 9/16-18 -Tap -Druck Z Form -TIN T1