Long Shank Taps

InnoForm Z

The InnoForm Z roll form tap is designed for specific applications and materials. This high performance design provides maximum tool life and thread quality with specific flute forms and PVD coating combinations.

  • Lubrication grooves
  • Z designates a tap design for CNC controlled machines with synchronous feed control
  • Form C (2-3 P) chamfer length
  • TIN-80 coating has a unique structure of the multi-layer coating which helps to achieve considerable tool life increases
  • 6HX class of fit tolerances
  • Tap extenders are available if long shank taps are not an option. View Example:

InnoForm Z
Part Number Description Stock
B555Z700.0030 M 3 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
B555Z700.0040 M 4 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
B555Z700.0050 M 5 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
B555Z700.0060 M 6 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
B555Z700.0080 M 8 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
B555Z700.0100 M 10 -InnoForm -Z- X-Length - TIN-80  
C555Z700.0112 M 12 - Tap - InnoForm Z - Long Shank - TIN-80  
C555Z700.0114 M 14 - Tap - InnoForm Z - Long Shank - TIN-80    
C555Z700.0116 M 16 - Tap - InnoForm Z - Long Shank - TIN-80  
C555Z700.0120 M 20 - Tap - InnoForm Z - Long Shank - TIN-80