MultiTAP™ Roll Form


The industry’s first general purpose high performance tap is also available in a full line of form taps featuring a new innovative geometric design, special base material and TiN coating. This allows one MultiTAP Form to handle numerous materials and applications at unsurpassed performance levels. Constructed of a proprietary grade of cobalt and TiN coated for exceptionally long life and versatility.

  • Short, Form E chamfer lead of 1.5-2 pitch, ideal for blind hole tapping
  • Lubrication grooves allow coolant flow-to-form action, ideal for holes with long thread length
  • Form both 2B and 3B threads with the same tap, eliminating the guesswork of calculating H-limits
  • All taps made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks- DIN length for extra reach and ANSI shanks
  • TIN or TICN coating options available

MultiTAP™ Roll Form Products