NPSM/NPSF - Rekord A

Rekord A-Steel long length, straight flute American Standard straight pipe thread NPSM & NPSF

  • American standard straight pipe thread per NPSM per ANSI B1.20.1
  • American standard straight pipe thread per NPSF per ANSI B1.20.3
  • For through or blind hole applications in steel materials and cast aluminum
  • "X" class of fit
  • Form C chamfer length (2-3 P)
  • DIN / DIN standard dimensions for overall length and shank size

NPSM/NPSF - Rekord A
Part Number Description Stock
C0101001.5858 1/8-27 -Pipe Tap- NPSM-Rekord A
C0101001.5859 1/4-18 -Pipe Tap- NPSM-Rekord A
C0101001.5860 3/8-18 -Pipe Tap- NPSM-Rekord A
C0101001.5861 1/2-14 -Pipe Tap- /NPSM-Rekord A
C0101001.5862 3/4-14 -Pipe Tap- NPSM-Rekord A    
C0101001.5863 1-11 1/2 - NPSM - Rekord A  
C0101001.5904 1/16-27 -Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5905 1/8-27 Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5906 1/4-18 - Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5907 3/8-18 - Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5908 1/2-14 - Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5909 3/4-14 - Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A
C0101001.5910 1-11 1/2 - Pipe Tap-NPSF-Rekord A