Rekord B-Z Taps

Stainless & Alloyed Steel

The Rekord B with Z geometry is designed for through hole threads in long-chipping material. This aggressive cutting geometry with elevated rake and relief angles is suitable for a multitude of long-chipping materials. It is designed especially for CNC-controlled machine tools. Synchronous feed control, especially in combination with Emuge's collet holders of the Softsynchro® series, will bring out the full performance potential of these tools.The spiral point pushes the tightly rolled chips ahead and prevents clogging of the flutes. Coolant-lubricant can flow freely. Do not use this tap type for a reverse cut, please tap all the way through and clear the chamfer of the tap, then reverse.

For Stainless Steel material, Emuge recommends the Z-Tap with GLT-1 high performance coating. GLT-1 coated Z-Taps produce consistent, controllable chip formations that are ejected smoothly and efficiently from the tap. GLT-1 has a unique multi-layer structure with an anti-friction top layer. The wear and heat resistance of the coating combined with the outer ant-friction layer produce a longer lasting tool that requires less torque and produces superior thread finish qualities.


  • Straight flutes with spiral point grind
  • Powdered metal HSSE-PM substrate for added wear resistance
  • TIN coated for steel and steel alloys
  • GLT-1 coated for stainless steel, high strength alloys and cast steel
  • Chamfer form B (4-5 threads)
  • For through hole threads

Rekord B-Z Taps Products