Speed Taps

Various Styles

For high-speed tapping

Emuge SPEED taps are designed for high speed threading in CNC controlled machinery. The unique geometry of these tools, combined with a premium powdered metal HSSE-PM substrate and PVD applied hard surface coating, offers you the ability to thread at maximum surface footage values that exceed traditional recommended standards. Tapping cycle times are dramatically reduced with SPEED taps in rigid tapping operations when used in combination with Softsynchro tapping holders.

Design Options

  • Enorm - Typical tool for blind hole threads in long-chipping materials. The fast spiral flutes provide good chip removal from the blind hole.
  • Rekord A - Especially for short-chipping material. The flutes can hold only a part of the chips. There is practically no chip transport in an axial direction. Not recommended for deep blind hole or through hole threads in long-chipping material.
  • Rekord B - Typical tool for through hole threads in long-chipping material. The spiral point pushes the tightly rolled chips ahead and prevents clogging of the flutes. Coolant-lubricant can flow freely.
  • Rekord D Especially to be recommended on automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines. The slow spiral flutes will be especially helpful in thread holes beginning with an increased diameter (counterbore or enlarged bore).

       Coolant deliver options:

  • IKZ -axial coolant hole design for blind hole applications
  • IKZN - radial coolant hole design for through hole applications

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