Titanium Alloys

TI taps are designed to thread titanium and titanium alloys as well as other materials with similar mechanical properties. The cutting edge rake angles and thread reliefs allow for efficient chip formation and shearing action which is required in these materials. Premium HSSE substrate and PVD coating options provide the longest lasting taps available for these difficult aerospace materials. The TI design is for titanium below 39 HRC and also works in heat treated steels 38-44 HRC

C-Ti / Plug Tap
Designed with advanced left- hand helical flute form and chamfer geometry combine to optimize chip evacuation in the forward direction and add strength to the cutting teeth for enhanced tool life and process security. The C-Ti rake angle remains constant over the complete length of the chamfer. This means extremely stable chamfer teeth for high-strength materials.

  • 8-15° left-hand spiral flute design
  • Chamfer form D (4-5 threads)
  • For through hole threads

D-Ti / Bottoming Tap
Designed with right-hand spiral flute.The slow spiral flutes will be especially helpful in thread holes beginning with an increased diameter (counterbore or enlarged bore).

  • 10-15° right-hand spiral flute design
  • Chamfer form E (1.5-2 threads)
  • Chamfer form C (2-3 threads)
  • For blind hole threads

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