VA Taps

Steel Alloys & Stainless Steel

The Enorm-VA style tap  is designed for blind hole threads in long-chipping materials. The fast spiral flutes provide good chip removal from the blind hole. Depending on design and size, threads up to 3 x D can be cut. Not to be recommended for threads beginning with an increased diameter.
The Rekord B-VA style tap is a straight fluted, plug chamfer designed for through hole applications in long-chipping materials.


  • Enorm-VA has a 35-50° right-hand spiral flutes
  • Rekord B-VA has a spiral point grind that pushes tightly curled chips ahead of the tap
  • Chamfer form E (1.5-2 threads)
  • Chamfer form C (2-3 threads)

For stainless steel materials and steel alloys
With tough and long-chipping materials, the chips must be transported in an axial direction in blind hole applications in order to avoid chip jams. The Enorm VA and Rekord B-VA will effectively manage chip evacuation in blind and through holes respectively. In addition, an increased profile relief angle on VA taps helps reduces friction and with it, the danger of cold welding.

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