VA Taps

Bottoming - 8-Pitch

The Enorm VA design is typically for blind hole threads in long chipping materials. The fast spiral flute (35˚) provides good chip removal from blind holes.

  • UN unified thread with 8-Pitch
  • VA designates that the tool is designed for stainless steel and steel alloys
  • NE2 surface treatment - Steam oxide layer is applied to the tool surface. This oxide layer protects the surface, and acts as a good carrier of lubricants. Cold welding which occurs especially with low-carbon, soft steels, can be prevented with NE2 surface treatment
  • 2B or 3B class of fit options
  • Form C chamfer length (2-3 P)
  • DIN / ANSI taps made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks- DIN length for extra reach and ANSI shanks

Bottoming - 8-Pitch
Part Number Description Stock
CU503200.5247 1 1/8-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5249 1 1/4-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5251 1 3/8-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5253 1 1/2-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5255 1 5/8-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5257 1 3/4-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5259 1 7/8-8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503200.5261 2" -8 -Tap - Enorm VA -Blind Hole
CU503210.5247 1 1/8-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5249 1 1/4-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5251 1 3/8-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5253 1 1/2-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5255 1 5/8-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5257 1 3/4-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5259 1 7/8-8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B
CU503210.5261 2" -8 -Tap-Enorm VA -Blind Hole-3B