GIGANT-IC / Indexable

Body #15

GIGANT-IC Indexable thread milling cutter is designed for large diameter threading applications. The cost of manufacturing are reduced by using an interchangeable insert style tool that can produce multiple thread forms.

  • Holder #15 - Cutter diameter = 3.622"  - Min. thread size = 4 1/2" / M115
  • 7 insert design (thread options) (NPT)
  • SK 50 taper body configuration
  • Modular bar design allows for 4 bar sizes to be easily set-up and interchanged on a variety of CNC machines
  • Rigid, anti-vibration body design allows for a length-to-diameter-ratio to 2xD and greater
  • Innovative internal coolant supply exits radially at the insert cutting edge for optimized cooling, chip evacuation and thread quality
  • Replacement screws GZ349015

Body #15
Part Number Description Stock
GZ344035 #15 Thread Mill Body - M115- 204 Depth- SK50  
GZ344045 #15 Thread Mill Body -M115- 360 Depth- SK50  
GZ352005 #15 - Thread Mill Modular Body - 115mm - Screw In  
GZ353005 #15 - Thread Mill Modular Body - Sprinter- 115mm-Screw In