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NPT Insert

The cost of manufacturing are reduced by using an interchangeable insert style tool that can produce multiple thread forms.

  • Insert Size# identifies the Holder# that the insert is used in
  • Inserts are rigidly affixed in a solid steel precision pocket, securely fastened with a Torx locking screw
  • Sub-micro grain carbide inserts with advanced cutting geometry
  • TIN coated for additional tool life
  • TIALN coated option for additional wear resistance in difficult materials
  • Rotatable carbide inserts with 4 useable cutting edges provide up to 4x more tool life


NPT Insert
Part Number Description Stock
GF643105.9679 NPT 11 1/2 Size #11 Insert TIN
GF643107.9679 NPT 11 1/2 Size #11 Insert TIALN
GF643205.9680 NPT 8 Size #12 Insert TIN
GF643207.9680 NPT 8 Size #12 Insert TIALN